Dedicated to the development of the whole child.


Meet Our Director!

Dear Friends,

We welcome you to Neumann Early Learning Academy where our commitment is to provide loving and supportive learning environment. Our academy is an example of the dedication to accommodate the needs of today’s family. We offer part-time and full time pre-kindergarten for children from 3 and 4 years old.

Our professional staff believes that through our curriculum and the use of learning centers, a teacher may direct active involvement in age appropriate activities on early childhood principles.

Our staff provides a Christian environment to help promote good self-esteem and a healthy attitude toward others. Every child is a unique gift from God and it is our responsibility to aid in the development of his or her special personality.

We provide a safe, healthy and clean environment to help enrich and strengthen a child’s quest for independence and self-confidence. Our academy is open to everyone, regardless of national origin, religion, gender or race. All of God’s children are deserving of a loving, caring environment. The cooperation and understanding of parents and staff will determine the success of your child’s experience. Welcome to our school!

God bless you and your family,

Lisa Wudtke


“Catholic education gives soul to the world. To Educate is to Transform.”



Our Mission

Our mission is to develop the whole child, meeting his or her needs developmentally, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and academically in a Christ-centered, caring environment. 

Our Philosophy

Neumann Early Learning Academy is first and foremost a faith community working to integrate the Gospel message into the lives of those within it.  

Recognizing the uniqueness of each student as a child of God, Neumann Early Learning Academy embraces a holistic philosophy, which strives to develop age-appropriate spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, cultural, and moral growth of each student.  We endeavor to foster academic achievement and religious awareness, as well as, to develop self-discipline, good citizenship and a moral conscience. It is our hope that each of our students will be well prepared to enter school with the social, developmental and academic skills needed to achieve at or above grade level and the social skills necessary to be productive students that interact appropriately and are good citizens of their class. 



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