Our Policy



Enrollment is on a first come-first serve basis. If our classes are completely full, your child may be added to the waiting list along with the child’s application. We will call you when a spot opens up and will require the registration fee at the time of enrollment. If we call and do not hear back from you within 24 hours, we will move onto the next in line. Registration begins in April and the completed registration form and non-refundable registration fee must be submitted by May 15th to secure a spot for the new school year.  

Age requirements:

  • Children must be 3 years old on or before September 1st in order to enroll in our 3 year old program. 

  • Children must be 4 years old on or before September 1st in order to enroll in our VPK program. 

  • Children that turn 4 after September 1st will be enrolled in the 4 year old program.

Children will move to the next age group classroom in August of each year. Placement is based on scheduling and the ages of the children by the time the new school year begins. All children must be fully toilet trained before starting school. The administration reserves the right to determine the course of action in the event a child is not fully trained. 


Neumann Early Learning Academy opens at 7:00am Monday through Friday for Before Care. From 7:00am-8:15 am all parents must bring their child(ren) to the classroom. The classrooms will be open by 8:15 to start the regular school day. We ask all parents to have their child in class no later than 8:30 so that your child does not miss the start of curriculum or the lesson for the day. Upon arrival to the classroom, it is the parent’s duty to sign in their child(ren) in on the attendance form (This applies to VPK students only). If your child will be absent for the day, please call or send a message notifying your child’s teacher by 8:00am. 


If your child is attending half day or full-day, he or she will be brought to your car while you wait in the carline. There will be a ten-minute grace period, after that time, your child will wait inside and there will be an extra charge for a late fee. Children staying after 3:00 for After Care, need to be picked up in the classroom and a parent or person with permission must sign her or him out.  After Care is between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.  

The children will only be released to the people that parents authorize. Authorized adults should be listed on the registration form. Please be sure that any person who could possibly be picking up your child is listed. If the person picking up your child will be different from the normal pick up person, please write a note telling us who will be picking up your child and leave it with us in the morning. If there is an emergency and you are not able to leave a note in the morning, send an email to the teacher or the office. Let the person know that we will ask for a driver’s license until we get to know him/her. This is done to ensure your child’s safety.

Holidays and In-Service Days

Faculty In-service days are designated by the Diocesan Office of Catholic Schools. Faculty must attend these In-service programs.  We will be closed on all major holidays. See the calendar for dates that Neumann will be closed.


Each year a non-refundable registration fex    e is due by May 15th or upon enrollment. Tuition rates are determined yearly. Payments for tuition are made in ten (10) equal payments, paid monthly. Tuition is due on the first of each month. A $10.00 late fee will be assessed after the 10th of the month. Tuition is due regardless of days present or absent. Tuition is not pro-rated for days missed due to illness, vacations, etc. No allowance is made for holidays falling within a given month. This fact is taken into consideration at the time yearly tuition is established. Tuition payments can be made in cash, by check made out to Neumann Early Learning Academy on by enrolling in The Online Giving program. Note: there will be a $25.00 fee for any checks returned. If a late payment notice is sent home on more than two occasions, Neumann will require automatic payments for the remainder of your child’s attendance.


In the event that your child has had a fever, vomited, or had diarrhea, your child may not attend school for 24 hours. If your child has these symptoms during the night, please do not send your child to school. If your child happens to get sick at school, you will be notified to pick up your child immediately. If your child is sent home with Pink Eye, RSV, Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps, or Lice, they may not return to school without a doctor’s note. It is the parent’s duty to notify the school when the child will remain home due to illness. 

A medication form must be completed and signed by the parent before any medication, (prescribed and/or over the counter) can be administered to your child. All medication must be in the original container with the original pharmacy label showing the child’s name, name of drug, dosage and directions for administration. NO medication of any kind is to be placed in your child’s lunch box or backpack. This is for your child’s protection as well as for the protection of the other children. 


The children should be dressed in clothing appropriate for play and possible messy activities. We do not want dress clothes to get dirty. The children also need to wear weather appropriate clothes for school. We will go outside daily, weather permitting. Three and four year old children need to run and play…. even if it is cold, windy, or hot. Tennis shoes or other closed toe shoes are best for safety in the classroom and on the playground.

NO OPEN SANDALS or FLIP FLOPS! Each child needs to have a change of clothes at school in case of accidents or spills. Pack your child’s change of clothes in a labeled Ziploc bag. The extra clothes may need to be changed as the seasons change; summer clothes in the beginning of the year and winter clothes when it turns cool. Your child’s name should be labeled on all his/her clothes, especially on sweaters and sweatshirts. Girls with pierced ears are to wear only stud type earrings. No hoop or dangle earrings are allowed. Children may not wear necklaces as they can be a potential safety hazard.


Children may not bring toys (including handheld video games) from home to school. Toys from home can cause disagreements among the children or may also get broken or mixed in with the classroom toys. If you do bring a toy, it will be confiscated by the child’s teacher and be returned upon pickup that day. The only exception is on Friday when we have Show and Tell and the toy or item must be specifically for that purpose.


If you have chosen for your child to stay a full day, your child must bring a lunch from home. Lunch should be packed in a brown bag or a lunch box. Please pack lunch items in plastic bags or plastic containers, no glass containers. Make sure your child’s name is on their lunch. We encourage you to send in a healthy lunch for your child. The children are not allowed to have soda or candy for lunch. Children should understand that they would be expected to eat the main part of their lunch first, then the dessert. 

The children are required to bring a snack from home every day. Please send the snack in a brown bag, zip lock bag or similar type bag labeled with your child’s name. Be sure to include a napkin and any utensils that your child may need to eat the snack. As with the lunches, we strongly encourage a healthy snack (no candy). We encourage you to send in a drink for your child (no soda). If your child stays for lunch, please put your child’s snack in its own bag, not the lunch bag/box. 


We love to celebrate birthdays here at the academy. Your child may bring in a special treat to share with the class. You must notify the teacher at least one class day ahead about the item that you plan to bring. This allows us to check with all parents that it will be safe for everyone to consume, as some children may have an allergy. A simple treat like cookies, brownies, or donuts are best. Whole birthday cakes are not allowed. Birthday gifts are not to be exchanged. Summer birthdays will be celebrated in May. Invitations to private birthday parties may be sent home only if the entire class is being invited. This prevents hurt feelings when only a few are invited. If you wish to mail the invitations, please ask your teacher for a class list of addresses and phone numbers. If you are not inviting the whole class, then please so not pass out invitations during school hours. It is best that they be mailed from home.